Representing you, guiding you, and standing up for the care you deserve

We are RNs, personally committed to YOU. We’ll apply our years of experience and expertise to personally guide you safely and efficiently through the health care system.

Medical / Navigation assistance

  • Your Advocate helps you work with all of your doctors and other medical professionals.
  • We’ll translate the medical jargon, so you can fully understand your options and next steps.
  • We’ll communicate your questions, and be sure to get acceptable answers.
  • We’ll present alternative treatment options for consideration.

Home health and eldercare services – recommendations

  • In-home nursing care
  • Home therapy and rehabilitation
  • Daily living assistance
  • Assisted living and nursing home recommendations
  • Hospice services
  • Pain management

Medication Reviews

Your Advocate will evaluate, explain, and coordinate your prescription drugs, over-the counter medications, and supplements, making sure there are no potentially harmful interactions.

Integrative, holistic, functional medicine, complementary, and advanced science

We can explore all of your treatment options, and explain them to you so you understand.

More services

Diagnosis and treatment review and recommendation

Records review and translation

Preparation for appointments

Accompaniment to appointments (telephonically or in person)

Hospital bedside monitoring

End-of-life decisions, advance directives

We can step in during difficult emotional situations, and explain what options you have, and then encourage support you in whatever decisions you make.

Pediatric assistance

Children are not just “small adults”. They require special care, equipment, and treatment options.

Wellness coaching

We can help you to do all you can to stay well, so you can try and avoid having to immerse in the health care system altogether.