Need Help?

  • Sick of doctors telling you everything’s normal, when you know it’s not?
  • Tired of juggling multiple doctors, diagnoses, and meds?
  • Is a loved one overly-medicated due to too many doctors in the mix?
  • Overwhelmed by what medical insurance is telling you?
  • Feeling lost about what to do next?

What is a patient advocate?

In a nutshell, we guide you through the health care system, pushing through administrative or insurance roadblocks;  we translate confusing medical jargon into plain talk, we help you to juggle multiple doctors, multiple diagnoses, and multiple prescriptions. And we help you to get back on your feet.

Why bodyguard patient advocates?

We’re medical professionals. Every one of our patient advocates is an RN with years of experience working with patients. We understand treatment options, and we understand the medical system. We know how easy it is for a patient to “slip through the cracks”, and we’re doing something about it.

Bottom line, we love what we do, and we’re thrilled to be able to facilitate communication to see that you get the high quality, compassionate care you deserve.

Why you need a patient advocate


We can help to protect you from medical mistakes.

Peace of mind

We guide you through a confusing health care system to get you the best care, faster.


We know what questions to ask, and we translate medical jargon into easy-to-understand English.

Quality of care

We understand available treatment options, and the benefits (or risks) of each.


We provide an objective perspective.


We can help you to be heard and understood.


We keep your best interests at the center of the treatment plan, and not financial interests of any insurance company or provider.


Our nurses have years of experience in many specialty areas of medicine.

Why doctors appreciate bodyguard patient advocates

  • We get patients in and out efficiently.
  • We help with communication – both ways.
  • We provide patients with credible information – so they’re not relying on “Dr. Google”.
  • When patients have multiple doctors, we help the right hand know what the left is doing.